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Consultation.  Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will assist you in planning an effective Web Site to fit your budget. You know your business and your customers, what works and what doesn't.  Rowe Web Design knows the Internet.  Combining your expertise with ours, working as a team, we will create a Web Site that achieves your goals.  There are many reasons for a business to have an Internet presence.  We will take the time to learn yours, so we can create the right image for your Company in this dynamic new medium.  It's not just about putting up some pages. It's about putting the Internet to work for you.

Web Site Design.  Our design goals are to create a Site that is attractive and visitor-friendly, fast to load, clear and easy to navigate, with meaningful, well-organized content.  A Site that makes visitors want to stay, and to return; that prompts them to take the action you want them to take (such as purchasing your products).  A Site that expresses the image you want to project, and that will achieve your goals.

Web Site Hosting.   (click for prices)  We offer Basic Hosting, with a URL such as, as well as Virtual Domain Hosting, with a URL such as If you choose Virtual Domain Hosting, we will register your Domain Name with InterNIC. If you prefer to use another Internet Service Provider, we will upload your pages to your ISP, or provide them to you via e-mail or diskette.

Graphic Arts.  Rowe Web Design has 25 years of combined graphic arts experience, and uses the latest Adobe Photoshop software, to achieve exactly the look you want--whether this means using your existing logo and creating backgrounds, buttons, icons, dividers, etc., to coordinate with it, or creating entirely new graphics just for you.  We also create image maps and animations. And banners are our specialty – click for examples.

HTML Scripting.  (Translating your content into Hyper Text Markup Language.) Your Web documents will be scripted in the latest version of HTML, validated and tested to be sure everything works perfectly.  We strive for compatibility with all popular Web browsers, giving attention to special needs, such as speech recognition technology, so that everyone can enjoy your Web Site.

Submission of your Web Site to 200+ Search Engines.

Site Maintenance is available to keep your pages fresh and current.

Advanced Services such as CGI programming, shopping carts and secure online ordering are available.

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